Stéphane Rolland

Here’s a new designer I came accross while checking the Fall 2012 shows. With no doubt, Stéphane Rolland seems to be an impeccable couturier – he was trained in the Balenciaga and Jean-Louis Scherrer schools. In 2006/2007, he was awarded the Molière Award of best costume design for Amadeus.

Here are a few of my faves from his Fall show.

PS – that black jumpsuit is one of the most impressing pieces of clothing i’ve seen for some time.

Oldies But Goodies: Looking Back to Black & White Films

I like having theme weeks. Yes, you heard me right. I enjoy watching a few Hitchcocks once in a while one after the other. Or Bergmans. Same applies to an Italiano week. Sometimes a nice Frenchie. Feels good to watch a couple of Grace Kellys if you stay in the weekend. Or watch biographies of musicians, painters and writers. These last couple of days, I’ve been in a mood to watch some oldies but goodies. I randomly felt like watching Manhattan this past Saturday, which made me take a look at the great black & white movies I’ve watched – and would like to watch over and over again.

Black & white movies leave much more room for emotions and thoughts. It seems so natural to me as if it wasn’t acting. I don’t get wowed by clothes or jewelry or grand set ups.. but rather about the script, personalities and the analogue music. There are no special effects, no computerized backgrounds. Everything is as it seems. 

If you haven’t truly enjoyed a black and white movie till today.. give it another chance. Below are the ones I watch over and over again – without getting tired, and as excited as the first time. There’s lots to discover in there. If you don’t like romance, try thriller. If you don’t enjoy Godard, try Woody Allen. If Fellini is too slow, try Scorsese. If you don’t enjoy Manhattan, try Paris – or even a deserted volcanic island in the Mediterranean. You will enjoy the company of Monica Vitti, Claudette Colbert, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Jean Seberg, Humphrey Bogart and many more. And when you do – please let me know.

Un Homme et Une Femme by Claude Lelouch 1966 
Casablanca by Michael Curtiz 1942
Dr. Strangelove by Stanley Kubrick 1964
Manhattan by Woody Allen 1979
L’Avventura by Michelangelo Antonioni 1960
À Bout de Souffle by Jean-Luc Godard 1960
Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock 1960
Roman Holiday by William Wyler 1953
The Big Sleep by Howard Hawks 1946
Pi by Darren Aronofsky 1998
Raging Bull by Martin Scorsese 1980
The Philadelphia Story by George Cukor 1940
Temps Modernes by Charlie Chaplin 1936 
Les quatre cents coups by François Truffaut 1959
Persona by Ingmar Bergman 1966
Brief Encounter by David Lean 1945
It Happened One Night by Frank Capra 1934
La Règle du Jeu by Jean Renoir 1939
Spellbound by Alfred Hitchcock 1945

CÉLINE. J’adore.

CÉLINE has been constantly impressing me since its new creative director debuted three years ago.  In a world where designers contend to show off creativity and inspiration on the runway, where textiles wow us, designs surprise us.. there is also Phoebe Philo who – I believe – actually cares about building a wardrobe for women. Each collection presents a wardrobe concept – there are basics and then some more. No unneccessary extras. These shoes are the shoes to wear, these bags the bags to carry.

Here’s some snaps from the RTW 2012 Collection. It’s all about the shapes and proportions – kind of reminding me of 50s/60s silhouettes. It’s beautiful. Every piece is wearable. So simple yet so elegant. Basic colors, suddenly surprising yellows, reds, stripes, leather, belts, pleated tops, super-wide pants, envelope clutches, those heels.. vraiment chouette. Simply great-great-great-looking.

Take a look!

Inspirations: Selda Baskaya

Her camera and her smile. That’s what comes to my mind first about Selda Baskaya, a dearest friend, a great fashion/portrait photographer and much more.

Here’s some more about her – in her own words..

Selda Baskaya in 3 words?

Strong believer and mildly sweet. Let’s agree on 4 words.

Your style? What do you enjoy photographing the most?

Tough to explain my style. I simply enjoy photographing anything easthetic. By that, I don’t mean ‘ugliness’. I enjoy fitting people in specific scenes constructed in my mind.

A moment you photographed and you cannot forget?

By chance, I was passing by in a cab and saw a crowd standing in front of a building. They were staring at the body of a 17 year old boy who jumped off the 13th floor of that building. Since then, I try not to get too close to such crowds.

Something/somebody that inspires you?

Before starting my career, I was a Guy Bourdin fan – and I still am. My passion rooted from the stories engraved in his photographs. I never get enough of his works. In general, rather than being inspired, I admire some people.

Who would you like to photograph?

Gaspard Ulliel, Liv Tyler, Johnny Depp,  Zaha Hadid – yes I am a big fan, Élodie Bouchez, Yılmaz Güney… I have a lot of names on this list.

How about.. who would you like to be photographed by?

Brigitte Lacombe. She is something else.

You’re going to have dinner with a famous person. Who would that be if you were to choose?

Hugh Laurie – he’s a character. Dinner with him would be pretty interesting.

Anything you don’t like about yourself?

Sometimes – due to my adrenaline hunger I assume – I make decisions way too suddenly, which puts me through some risk. I sacrifice too much sometimes – which presses my limits. But then comes a moment and I say ‘OK stop, you shouldn’t do this’ and it passes. One more thing – I can literally cut off something from my life – whether it’s a person or some kind of an emotion. I can stop it immediately.

It’s 11pm on a Friday night – where would we find you?

There is no specific place I could tell – this would depend on by whom and with which intention I am called.

Music is?

My husband that fills in my blanks.. Always with me, sharing both the good and the bad – sharing each moment with me.

Cinema is?

Something I do at home a couple of days each week. I have a diverse movie collection – mostly thriller and scary movies. I enjoy watching these movies yet then I don’t feel like staying home alone. Don’t know why.. maybe I like fear itself?

I hate asking someone his/her favorite movie – because i don’t have one either. But name me a movie you can watch over and over and still enjoy it like the first time you’ve seen it.

Reservoir Dogs would probably be first to tell. 28 Days and Weeks series, Star Wars, Goodbye Lenin.. and all superhero movies by Marvel. Need I say more?

How about mm.. future projects? 

A project I’ve been working on for the past 2 years.. It’s a movie script! That’s all I focus on these days.

as Haute as Couture can get

Quite unusual for a Fall/Winter collection, Givency’s Ricardo Tisci does it again. Naming “purity” as his inspiration, Tisci presents light, airy, heavenly pieces of art. Beige, ivory, white.. tulles, chiffons, shimmering pearls, feathers, crystal drops, ankle straps, white China beads, waterfall of fine golden chains.. his world is heavenly, his work is sculpture-like. 

Pieces made entirely by hand in the Givenchy workshop (one piece took over one month to make in working hours), these pieces looks like what angels would keep in their wardrobes.

Inspirations: Elie Saab

There is not much to say about Elie Saab and his Haute Couture world. The Lebanese designer has long been a leading name with his romantic, crystal-encrusted gowns. His couture signature is brightly colored silks, chiffons, pearl beading, flounces, fringes…  and of course sequins.

Below are some snaps from the Elie Saab Fall 2011 Couture Show. From his signature sequin textured gowns to colors, from the U-shaped décolletés to the embroidered lace, it’s breathtaking and dreamlike.

Inspirations: Dries Van Noten

Belgian fashion designer Dries Van Noten presented his debut collection in 1986. Garnered so much international press that Barneys New York immediately picked the brand up.

Here are some snaps from the Fall 2011 Collection. Textures, layers, art-inspired signature prints – all developed in-house, menswear tailoring, military fabrics, 50s and 60s ladylike shapes, sweatshirts. Wide legged trousers, incredible coats.. rich colors, lush textures, brilliant prints. And of course, the socks! It’s all about the socks.

Dries Van Noten will give you what you want. And effortless. Casual yet formal enough – completely wearable fashion. Shuffle as much as you can.

Inside My Dream: Château de Moissac

Built in early 17th century, Château de Moissac was owned by a noble family from Provence. Located in a hill-top village, where provencial beauty meets history, it’s dreamlike and sublime. It’s magical. It’s theatrical. It’s majestic.

Wait.. before I forget – the château is available for private receptions. So inside my dream, I was there with a group of close friends.. a tiny wedding. A weekend of wine & dine. Music and all.. White napkins, chiffon dresses, candlelight.. The smell of lavender all around. 

So tell me now – do fairytales come true? 

Misela: In Between the East and the West

To a dearest friend who has always been a true inspiration to me…

A journey between East and West, a smooth mix between chic and casual, a perfect blend of colors and textures.. Misela is all about details. Founded by Serra Turker, a textile design grad from RISD and an ex-New Yorker, the brand aims to transform its collection into timeless art pieces that are not meant to be on the wall but could as well be carried.

Rich colors and textures that combine the ethnic touch of the East as well as the modern look of the West, influenced by Moroccan tiles, New York interiors and the antique soul of Istanbul, blend in perfectly to give a bold feminine look. The collection, with a diverse range of designs, textures and colors, can accomodate any style and event.

Sea snakes, leathers, furs, vintage trims, special-cast metal accessories, handmade antique chains, custom interiors, zipper pockets… I don’t want to tell you all about it. Here, discover Misela yourself. (You can also shop online at )

In addition to the accessories line, Misela also offers a home collection consisting of pillows, trays and other decorative objects. Again, colors, textures and signature prints dominate the line. In addition to taking custom orders for the home line, Misela also works on personalized interior design projects.