what is art?

Here are the most delicious sculptures you could ever see!

An American painter and a New Yorker, Will Cotton’s work features sceneries made up entirely of pastries, candy and melting ice cream.

As sweet as art gets.



Inspirations: Jan Yoors

Jan Yoors, Flemish-American artist, photographer, painter, writer and tapestry creator, ran away to live with and to photograph the Romany gypsies at the age of 12. A few years later, he wrote a book called The Gypsies about his experiences with them. In 1971, Yoors picked up where he left off with The Gypsies and wrote another book entitled Crossing; he also took all of the photographs for the book Only One New York. His art ranged from paintings to tapestries, from photography to sculptures.

For more on Jan Yoors, his life and his art, you can visit http://www.janyoors.com/ .

Here are some of his thick strokes and bold lines.

On another note, I am looking for these – if you have an idea where i can find any kind of poster or anything, I’d be very happy.


let me in the sound.

Resonance. Space. Movement. Simplicity. Materials. Textures. Sound.

An audiodidact from Switzerland, Zimoun creates installations and sound sculptures all over the world, usually in connection with mechanical features, movement and physically generated sounds – which are simple yet complex, regular but irregular. His use of materials generate complex sound structures and movements through interaction. Below are some of his forms and structures.

To see more of his works, videos and events, check Zimoun’s website.