Did he, or didn’t he? Will she, or won’t she?

I’ve been meaning to watch Last Night since the day I’ve seen its trailer. Yes it took me some time to watch it, but even more time to write about it – procrastination meets lack of inspiration . Although the movie itself takes around 90 minutes – I’ve spent at least another 90 minutes to give it a thought.

Michael and Joanna, once college sweethearts and now a married couple that live in NYC, attend an event hosted by Michael’s firm. Takes seconds for Joanna to notice Laura,  the stunningly attractive colleague whom Michael never mentioned, and her attraction to him. The next morning, Michael goes away with Laura on a business trip. The same morning, Joanna, the questioning wife, runs into an old – but never quite forgotten – love, Alex and agrees to have drinks with him before he returns back to Paris. As the night progresses and tempation increases, each couple must confront who they are when they are together and when they are apart.  Where will temptation take them? Did he do it – or didn’t he? Will she do it – or won’t she?

Last Night is a thoughtful approach to relationships. It’s a film about choices – the choice you make to be with someone. It’s real – and it’s natural. These characters could have been anybody you or I know. The situation in which they found themselves could have happened to you, to me or anybody else we know. It’s a tale of fidelity and infidelity  – and deals with very real questions that have concerned almost every couple at one point or another.

On one hand, there is a man cheating on his wife – mostly physical attraction to “that other women”. Yet on the other one, you see a women still feeling something for an old love – whom she thinks of everytime things go wrong or everytime she can’t sleep. It really is emotionally draining to watch events unfold between these individuals. Made me think at some point which is worse.. having an affair purely physical? or realizing you love somebody else while you’re married? In case of physical impulses, is it more likely to disappear? Do you forget as time goes by? But the moment you realize you love someone else, can you go back home and simply pick up where you left off?

At the beginning of the movie, I really wanted Michael and Joanna to work things out. But then Joanna seemed a better fit with Alex so I wanted things to happen between Michael and Laura. Why did I think that way? Is it fair if both of them cheat? If something happens between Michael and Laura, is it then legit that Joanna gets back to Alex? I wanted both relationships to win – but they simply cannot. Needs to end one way or another – and either way, it was going to end badly.

How much time does it take to trust someone? How do we know if we trust the other person enough in a relationship? The frustrations and questions that arise while the relationship is being built at the beginning.. a whole lot more arise once it settles down. How about marriage – how do you balance it? The temptation for infidelity – does it happen to everyone? Once it does, does it go away?

Go figure.


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