An Alpine Dream

You’re now officially in my Alpine dream.

We’re in Verbier, southwest of Switzerland. You, me and some friends..  We wake up early in the morning.. around 8.30sh, prepare a nice and rich breakfast to have a good start to our day. Some freshly brewed coffee, a cheese platter with some charcuterie, a light omlette, warm bread and of course.. freshly squeezed OJ. Wrapping up our breakfast, we part into our rooms, get ready to ski. The upbeat music is making me already excited. The snow is just like we dreamt of, the sun is shining and the fresh mountain air is so crisp. We go around the mountain until around 1 – 1.30pm. Then grab lunch – accompanied with a nice glass of wine – and enjoy being exposed to the sun for a few minutes before we resume skiing. Which chaise-longue are you taking? I’ll take the one in front.

Around 3.30 – 4.00pm, we get ready to go back home.. La Vallée Blanche is located just off the slopes, a few minutes stroll down from Medran the ski lift. Hey can you please plug in the ipod? I’ll go ahead and open a fresh bottle of wine.. let’s get on one of the chaise-longues outside to enjoy the last minutes of sunshine. I know it’s cold.. but bear with me for a few minutes. Enjoyed your wine? Alright, I’ll go take a shower. Taking a bath in that bathtub filled with some warm water is the best way of taking a break. I love the smell of that magnolia scented foaming bath milk!

With the fatigue kicking on you as minutes go by.. maybe a few mins of a nap? Or lay down with friends.. another glass of wine? How about dinner? What do you wanna have? Some steak and wine? Or something lobsterish? How about some pasta? You know we have a Top Chef with us here – maybe with truffle, her expertise? The Chef is already working on the menu.. a dreamlike smell is coming out of the kitchen.. here I am on this chaise longue again.. enjoying the track the ipod is playing. Dinner is ready, she says! Bon appétit. A few more drinks, laughing, dancing on the sofas is all I remember.. I love you guys.

Night night.


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