Les Amours Imaginaires: Love Beyond Reason

Les Amours Imaginaires is a love story. Yet certainly not like the ones you’ve recently seen or heard. Marie and Francis are two close friends. They meet Nicolas, an extremely good-looking androgynous visitor to Montréal, and begin hanging out with him. Yet as time goes by, they realize both have fallen for him.

There’s not much to say about this movie – except from recommending it to you. It’s an experimental, unconsummated and unusual romantic triangle in which we watch the rivalry of Marie and Francis in seducing the flirty Nicolas and avoiding to admit it to each other. Written, edited and directed by a 21-year-old Québécois, Xavier Dolan, the 95-minute feature is a cinematic dream. With statue-like features, Nicolas becomes the object of desire of Marie, a sensual and sassy Audrey Hepburn, and Francis, her earnest gay friend.

This movie very much reminded me of Jules et Jim – couplings that take place in the imaginations but do not exist in reality. It’s poetic, it’s romantic and it’s certainly very very funny. In an interview with a magazine, Dolan said one of the purposes of making this movie was to spend time with his two close friends. Seems like he certainly did enjoy that time he spent with Monia Chokri and Niels Schneider.

I leave you with two videos from the movie so you get a glimpse of it. Dalida’s pop anthem Bang Bang is almost the theme song – but there are other cool tracks from popsters also.



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