From the Front Row: Elif Cigizoglu

Some people, through their vision, have the ability to take you somewhere else.. to make you imagine, to make you dream. Well, Elif Cigizoglu is surely one of them.

I won’t be telling you about Elif Cigizoglu only as a part the audience who watched her fascinating 2011-2012 Autumn/Winter Collection last night, but also as a friend. It is not surprising for such a lively person – full of laughter, joy, courage, compassion, determination, imagination – to put together a collection that is a journey of colors, textures, shapes, curves, waves, forms.. simplicity yet details.

Her collection last night not only amazed me, but without a doubt impressed everybody present at the show. Colors started off from different tones of brown, khakis.. ranging to red, orange.. and concluded with white. The collection offered skirts, pants, dresses, coats, blazers, half-pant-half-skirt pieces.. The orange eye make up of the models looked amazing on their pale skin – was in line with the khakis and oranges, yet shouted silently with the whites. The music was two thumbs up – one moment the upbeat highlighted the motion of the curves and textures, the next, the downtempo electronica slowed the movement of the eyes. Not to mention, Oliver Koletzki ft Fran – Hypnotized was a great choice of track at the very beginning. Rather difficult to put it into words, I would simply like you to get a glimpse of the Elif Cigizoglu runway with the below slide show.

But before that, here is my favorite piece of the show.

And the ravishing finale…

A friend that is a true inspiration to me, and a designer that is able to create different worlds at once.. Elif is a true artist.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For more information on Elif Cigizoglu, her designs and contact information, visit


4 thoughts on “From the Front Row: Elif Cigizoglu

  1. Wow I really agree with you, she is an amazing fashion designer & her lines and styles are just facisinating. Speaking of her clothing, would you bu any chance know where she sells it? Because her online store doesnt allow us to do anything more than see the photographs. It would really help a lot if you could find out and tell me. This article really shows Elif Cigizoglu’s true colors and what she is capable of doing. She will go a long way. Other than that I really enjoyed the article, really great job. 🙂

  2. Dear Noor
    Thank you so very much for your lovely message – and i’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂 Elif truly is a very talented designer – and in my opinion, this is just the beginning. Where do you live? Her own collection and couture line are not available online – but she is now the designer of Fabrika, a Turkish ready-to-wear brand. I believe some pieces of her collection w/ Fabrika might occasionally go online on some sites.
    Do you ever visit Istanbul?

  3. love love the her collection!!!
    sweet ” Yasmin Salfati” can you give me the address for her boutique plz..
    I’ll visit Istanbul soon!

    • Hi! Glad you enjoyed it. She doesn’t have a boutique. She has a studio where she takes appointments. If you’d like to meet, maybe i could give you her email? Also, there’s a shop called FABRIKA – you can find some of her designs there. Let me know how i could help.

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