Must be the Money?

What you’re about to see below is not the product of your imagination. Don’t scroll up and down, checking whether the photos you see belong to the article you think they do. This is a bank. Yes, you read it right. It’s BNP Paribas on 2, Place de l’Opéra.

Designed by Paris-based architect Fabrice Ausset of Zoevox, this is the first bank concept store. Full of un-bank features, the almost-1,000-square-meter space also has a smooth retro touch. This is a funhouse of colors, shapes, textures and forms. In addition to custom furniture and furnishings, Zoevox used furniture by Christophe Delcourt, Philippe Hurel, Paola Lenti, Christian Liaigre, India Mahdavi, Antonio Lupi, Karim Rashid and Philippe Starck.

Now if this was your neighborhood bank, would you be less lazy to visit the ATM inside?


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