Wining in Style

A Bordeaux born sculptor and painter, Etienne Meneau provides unconventional ways to consume the most famous product of his home town: wine. His collection of Strange Decanters – including both wine glasses and carafes – retail for between €1500 and €5000.

Here is his Little Heart – or the-so-called Petit Coeur. It’s an abstract reinterpretation of the human heart. The unique glass is 20cm tall and is made of borosilicate glass. As was the case with his previous exclusive decanter series (scroll down below), extremely limited quantities have been produced. Only 12 have meen made – 8 of them with a unique number and the artist’s signature, and another 4 with artist proofs. Each one of these pieces costs approx € 1500.

Carafe N°5 and Carafe N°6 of his Strange Decanters collection are inspired by the vines of Bordeaux. Each decanter is 65cm tall and holds a standard 75cl bottle of wine, resembling the branches or roots of a plant, or veins in the human body when filled. Only 8 pieces of each edition in the Strange Decanter collection have been produced, retailing for between €2000 and €5000 each.

Wanna wine in style?


4 thoughts on “Wining in Style

  1. The rich wine enthusiast: Can you please take out that big glass wine holder? I am expecting guests.
    The maid: Sir I have to tell you something. I was trying to clean…

    Serving your guests with the coolest decanter…..EUR 2,000
    Employing a reliable maid….EUR 500
    Finding out your decanter cracked during a routine cleaning…..Priceless
    For everything else there is PatabeynCard

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