Minus 100.

A few days ago, when I mentioned a weekend with some good and bad – very very bad – movies, I did mean it. This blog entry – for the first time – will be about something I highly disliked. I will not advise you to do something – rather I will suggest you don’t do it.

A spontaneous Saturday morning lead to a great lunch by the Bosphorus. Great food, great friends and a glass of wine. All was perfect until I was persuaded to see Spread. It was a waste of time, money – and a slap in the face to the audience.

  • Bad storyline. Actually horrible storyline. Other than nudity, sex and nice houses, what is this movie about? Minus 20.
  • Wasted characters. Minus 10. Ashton is supposed to play a womanizer, yet he looks more like a guy magnet. The main female character through the first half of the movie is so ugly – you really do not desire to see her having sex all around her house.
  • Ashton’s style. Minus 40. Oh my. Where did you get those boots? At least wear some socks with them! How about those suspenders? And why on earth you never take those off? Do you call that sex appeal?
  • A few sex scenes are OK. But even they can’t save the movie for a cheap soft porn tag. Minus 10.
  • The tagline is its a business doing pleasure. Minus 10.
  • A “sex comedy” with plenty of sex and no comedy. Minus 10.

Total: – 100.

This movie, as Sinanation says, was Kakachino.


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