The Natali Project

How good are you in the kitchen? Good? Bad? So so? Do you ever buy cookbooks to try something new? Well most cookbooks – although look very stylish and offer amazing photography – are not as helpful. There is always an ingredient that you cannot find. Or a kind of bowl you don’t have at home. Or simply the recipe skips a few steps along the way – which you cannot figure out on your own.

Natali offers you her recipes and takes you into a walk among her memories in doing so. Natali: Tarifler ve Anilar is about 35 years of cooking – meals ranging from simple everyday food to recipes of hidden treasures you have been wondering about for years. There is a little bit of everything in it. And in the most user-friendly way possible. It’s a delicious and tasteful work of genius. So delicious and tasteful that it got the “Best First Cookbook” at the Gourmand Cookbook Awards.

Get it. And as Natali says, try it, cook it and share it.


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