Street Art Below the Street and Out of Reach

103 street artists from around the world came together in a long-abandoned New York City subway station for a street art exhibition way below the street. The show – whose existence has been a secret – has been seen by almost no one. The only potential crowd was the urban explorers of New York City or the employees of the MTA – until New York City Transit described such actions as trespassing and punishable by law. The dark, uninhabited and echoing climate is far different from the standard gallery scene. This is a show without a crowd. This is an exhibition that has been mounted illegally in a long-abandoned subway station. Known as the Underbelly Project, “this is an art exhibition that goes to extremes to avoid being part of the art world, and even the world in general”. This is just too, too New York.

To get a better glimpse of how this idea came up, how the artists worked underground and see more photos, check out the New York Times article.

Dare to see?


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