Got Chocolate?

I ran into these random facts the other day – and thought would be nice to share it with you.

Here are some chocofacts by numbers. 

 7 – billion dollars – the amount people spend approx per year on chocolate

12 – pounds – the amount of chocolate each person consumer per year

3.3 – billion lbs – the amount of chocolate eaten in the US in the year 2000!

7 – days – the time it took Alfred Hitchcock to direct the 45-second famous shower scene in Pyscho with chocolate syrup

5, 026 – pounds – the weight of the largest chocolate bar ever made, according to the Guiness World Book of Records

7 – milligrams – the amount of caffeine in an ounce of milk chocolate – about the same amount contained in a cup of decaffeinated coffee. A cup of full-strength coffee has more than 20 times that much.

96 – degrees – the melting point of cocoa butter which is just below the human body temperature, and why it literally melts in your mouth

1 – year – the shelf life of a chocolate bar

40% – the percentage of women who regularly crave chocolate

15% – the percentage of men who regularly crave chocolate

1842 – the year in which Cadbury’s England created the world’s first chocolate bar


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