Wanted: Sinan Bastas

In the mornings, the two things I can’t do without are my morning coffee and Sinanation. For those of you who follow Sinan’s blog, you should be well aware of his Wanted series. For those of you who don’t follow his blog yet, you should do it now.

A refined gourmet, an artist, a wannabe DJ, a top chef, a unique travel companion, a person who knows best how to take pleasure from life, a serious guy in his tux, a little kid in his orange v-necks…  a best friend.

Sinan, here is your own Wanted.

From all of us, to you.

Name: Sinan Bastas

Nickname: Himbil, Sino, Tasbas, Lord, Pasa Cocugu, Sefa Pezevengi, Wannabe Artist, Gosterislerin Adami

Notable Appearance: Trimmed body hair with a light beard hiding a sarcastic smile…  Buffalo style thighs and legs creating his signature walk, best viewed from behind.

Can’t do without: Wine, Cheese, McChicken, Chipotle, Ipod, Flushable Wet Wipes, drawing islands on gray tshirts, anti-perspirant deodorants, black & white t-shirts, McChicken, oven roasted turkey, Tomatoes, Honey, Kraft White American Cheese, Saying the Wrong Thing in the Wrong Places, Going thru people’s stuff, McChicken, hair gel, Pretending to be a DJ, Rose Wine, Preppy Clothing, green Ralph Lauren belt, colorful shirts and shorts, McChicken, Doorman size huge umbrellas, rulokat, Rebul Kolonya, Chino pants, Tod’s flats, Izzy Sparkling Clementine Juice, steak, mustard, McChicken & McChicken…

Notable Hobbies: Mixing Songs, Updating Itunes playlists, Cursing, Attending any event where he can show off his Tuxedos, Wakeboarding, Skiing, Posing for tabloids, Painting, Blogging & then commenting on his own blog from Musa’s computer, fantasizing about multi-million dollar cars, yachts and mansions, walking LONG distances, wining & dining, teasing Yasmin, Shopping for his sister, happy hours,  Art (and seek?), Watching old Victoria’s Secret Shows

Weakness: Sweating, Cilantro, sports games that involve teams, Foot Odor, Miranda Kerr, bees, Sake, diarrhea, Cleavage, blond girls with innocent looks, brunettes with voluptuous bodies, reds with beautiful voices – basically anything female that moves…

Favorite Quote: Igrenc bi adamsin abi, Inek!, Citira bak!, Simdi bildircin’i aliyosun…, Erzurum’un tamami bizim, Yunus Memesi Roll, Pat!, Bin, Zart, Zonk, Ben yasli sevmem bolesini gormedim!, “I am throwing the lyrics”

Last Seen: Istanbul, Alem Magazine, Manhattan & Mashattan Istanbul, Commerce NYC, Sushi Samba 7, Ciragan, Hillside Beach Club, Bodrum, Alem, Minetta Tavern (finally), Vermont, Long Island, Tomoe Sushi, NYC, Le Bilboquet, tasting truffle at Murrays’ Cheese, Alem, Kıyı Balikci, French Laundry Napa, Gary Danko San Francisco, Alem and at JKF Terminal 1 about to leave NYC (offering everything he has to be upgraded to business class)…


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