Be a local. Everywhere.

Ever heard of Capo Coda Cavallo? How about the White Asparagus Festival in Veneto? Ever had a geniune Argentine experience in London? How about the best whiskey bar in Berlin?

Now you have CityandOut, a genius travel ecosystem with visitors from 96 countries and 1503 cities, founded by dearest friend Andrea Favale, an expert in business, technology and entrepreneurship, a gourmet, and a blogger from Italy.  CityandOut is a travel and destination platform where you can book one of 84,000 hotels, get a table reservation at over 5,500 restaurants across Europe, watch 7,900 travel videos, download 400 free travel guides, and read tips from a dozen of travel bloggers and lovers.

Any interesting travel tips and/or recommendations, do not forget to ShhOut them at Any feedback/ideas/opinions for Andrea, contact him at

Bon voyage!


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