The Final Collection

Yesterday, the final collection British designer Alexander McQueen created before his suicide was presented in a sombre and quiet setting in Paris. Only sixteen looks of the Fall 2010 line were shown.

Inspired by Old Master painters, his signature prints, embroideries, feathers, tulle, high collars and Venetian capes, mostly in deep red and gold, characterized his skill of the theatrical and celebration of life and art with dramatic colors and rich draping.

It’s rather tough to imagine, this time, what story these pieces are telling… and whether they take us to the flamboyant and extravagant painting-like past or to the future of couture. Do you see them as a celebration? Or a quiet solitude?

It reminded me of something Cesare Lombroso said some years ago: “Genius is one of the many forms of insanity.”






2 thoughts on “The Final Collection

  1. kavalyemi kirmak istemem ama agustosta zorlayabilir — ter patch’lerinden iki tane fazla varsa ok 😉

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