!f İstanbul

If you complain about not getting the chance to see some movies in theatres, check out the 9th AFM International Independent Film Festival that will be held from February 11th thru the 21st. Tickets now on sale.

There’s plenty of stuff you might be interested in. Check out http://2010.ifistanbul.com/ for more info.

Below are some of the movies that caught my attention. Do not hesitate to share your opinion and/or comments.

La Nana

Winner of the World Cinema Jury Prize @ Sundance 2009. Director Sebastián Silva takes viewers into Raquel’s, a housekeeper’s, daily life and makes them painfully aware of her complete lack of privacy. Whatever mood she’s in, whatever personal feelings she has for individual members of the family, Raquel has nowhere to hide.

Soy Cuba

A Soviet/Cuban production that was made initially in 1964 (but didn’t receive well by either Russian or Cuban public) is re-discovered 30 years later. The movie consists of 4 distinct short stories about the suffering of the Cuban people and their reactions.

L’Epine dans le Coeur

Official Selection Cannes 2009. A documentary by music video/film director Michel Gondry. Suzette, Michel Gondry’s aunt, was a school teacher from 1952 to 1986 and she tells Michel how it was to be a teacher by then in a rural and isolated part of France. But little by little, Michel discovers some family stories he was totally unaware of and uses his camera to explore it in a subtle but very emotional way.

An Education

Coming-of-age-drama in 1961 England, An Education takes a look at the beautiful schoolgirl Jenny, her provencial parents, her first love, her choices and her dreams fall apart.

C’est pas moi, je le jure!

Winner of the Best Movie @ Berlin Film Festival, the film is about a little boy who keeps trying to kill himself. In-between his suicide attempts, he lives a pretty normal kid life. His parents fight, there is a cute little girl that lives next door, and he hates school. The movie plays out in a symphony of funny, sad, ironic and dark events.

FILM IST. a girl & a gun

Using images from the first four and a half decades of cinematography, taken from 11 archives across the world, Gustav Deutsch has constructed a musical “film drama in five acts” whose central thread is supplied by ancient mythology, fragmentary quotes of Hesiod, Sappho and Plato.


In 1987, Harlem, Precious is the gritty tale of a black, 350-pound, HIV-positive, 16-year-old rape and incest victim. 



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