15 weeks

morning crowd in the subway, the beggar in wheelchair at the corner of Chrystie and Houston with always a smile on his face, running into a different graffiti mural at the same spot at the corner of 2nd Avenue and 1st Street every single day, canteloupe chunks from Whole Foods, Sunday brunches, ice cream to go from Ciao Bella, oatmeal from City Bakery, walking down 2nd Avenue, passing by Gramercy, the annoying crowd at the Union Square traffic lights, smelly cabs, vintage shopping around LES, spending some time alone at Clinton Street Bakery, skim latte from Cafe Angelique, watching the candles burn at Gemma, feeling full walking out of Bianca, banana pudding in carton boxes, mint tea from Cafe Gitane, walking on Mercer, horror movie nights w/ friends,  St-Germain liqueur, hating high heels on MPD’s stone paved streets, flea market in Willimsburg, walking the bridge, loving the smell of roasting candied nuts, hating the smell of the grilling kebabs, passing by Urban Outfitters on Broadway on my way home, wine tasting in spring, taking pictures in LES, Netflix, sample sale shopping w/ Burak Tutar, walking around 6th Ave and 30s w/ Sinan Bastas and hating it more every single time, the never ending construction on Houston, mass emails w/ friends for a weekend ski trip, dreaming about Hamptons when summer arrives, Barneys Coop, West Village in spring, not knowing anybody on the street, the deli and its newspaper stand in East Village, Christmas shopping in Bryant Park, cupcake overdose at Crumbs, walking back home on a rainy day, candles from Anthropologie, the smell of soap on Spring Street, tiramisu San Dona at Via Quadronno, spending time in the Apple Store in Soho, staring at the graffiti tags in the subway, wondering around the book isles at Strand Bookstore, NY Times Sundays, cheap delicious Chinese food, fresh breads at Dean & Deluca, shopping vinyls for hours, hating cilantro, Hudson river walks w/ Sefer Sisters, Chopp’t every week day, watching a movie alone at Angelika, insisting on drinking whiskey while the rest of the restaurant holds rose glasses, hating bouncers at nightclubs, bringing home flowers from the deli on the corner, think of you every day, What Goes Around Comes Around vintage shop on West Broadway, losing control on a sunny Saturday afternoon in Felix, graffiti on Houston, walking around in West Elm and loving it more every single time, the $1-naturally-detergent-scented coffee from the deli, watching the sunset from my couch, herb chicken from Whole Foods, the never ending construction on Houston, apt 1006, apt 29e, 25 Mercer, me, you, you, you.. and you.

woke up in a new york state of mind this morning. too much to miss.


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