Chasing the Sunset

It’s Saturday. Your alarm goes off at 8:00am. A friend comes to pick you up from Chrystie Street at 8:45. You go downstairs, get in the car. Together you guys go pick up two other friends. First stop is at 26th and 7th, then you’re off to 6th and 38th. Grab a few lattes and toasted bagels with cream cheese from Starbucks on your way to the Midtown Tunnel. Turn on some groovy house vibes. You’re now ready for an amazing weekend getaway…

Once you’re out of the tunnel, turn up the volume just a little more, open your window. It’s beautiful outside. It’s nothing like the city. There’s a rather old house tune playing… with a soft touch of violin in the background. Keep following 495 until Exit 70, then get ready to make your first stop in Riverhead. It’s early but who can say no to wine? As you go on Sound Avenue, pick a vineyard to go into. The one that we picked this weekend was Roanoke Vineyards, one that we’ve visited before.

From outside, except from the tiny vineyard sign on the main road, it looks nothing like it. Wait till you open the door and step inside. There lie the beautiful bottles with a taste of the North Fork. Take a wine flight – either red or white – then grab a bottle, a few wine glasses and go outside. Look at the endless green around you. Sit on a chaise-longue and have a few sips from your wine while you enjoy the small cheese platter in front of you.  Then take a walk around the vineyard…

Roanoke Vineyards

For your next stop, switch to 27 and go across the town of Bridgehampton, pass by Sag Harbor and you will arrive at the South Ferry. Get your ticket, park your car. Shelter Island is right in front of you…

Sunset Beach, Shelter Island

As a first time visitor, accompanied by friends who already knew the island, our first stop was Sunset Beach. It’s there that you feel you’re not in the city anymore.  Go into the restaurant, grab a bite under the yellow tent, order some wine or a coctail of your choice then walk around the beach… It’s getting late, and if you want to make it to the sunset in Montauk, you better move.

Start driving towards the ferry again – and don’t get lost on your way, like we did! By making your way through East Hampton, keep going towards Montauk. That’s the final stop. Surrounded by a laidback nature, you will pass by cute motels, possible street art fairs then will see the Surf Lodge. It’s one of the key locations in town. There will most likely be a crowded happy hour going on on the deck. Keep going straight, and you will arrive at our favorite spot: Duryea’s Lobster Shack. You better be hungry now. Keep in mind it’s a BYOB, so if you have a cool bottle of wine with you, don’t leave it in the car. Order some food, take a seat on the wooden deck and enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets you can see on this side of the world…



5 thoughts on “Chasing the Sunset

  1. I guess you can drive to Polonezkoy instead of the Hamptons once back in Turkey 🙂 Ah bin! You should also remind people to have their bathing suits (if it is summer time)…a tiny detail you have forgotten about haha

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