Milan is burning!

As summer is wrapping up, we’re getting ready to put the shorts away. Bikinis will go back to their spot in the back drawer of the closet. Espadrilles will take their seat on the bottom shelf.

Neverthless, here are some snaps from the 2013 Spring collections – fresh from Milan – that could give you something to look forward to.

what is art?

Here are the most delicious sculptures you could ever see!

An American painter and a New Yorker, Will Cotton’s work features sceneries made up entirely of pastries, candy and melting ice cream.

As sweet as art gets.


Wang, deconstructed.

A few years ago, when I first visited Hong Kong, I discovered Joyce – the HK version of Barneys. I was going around looking for a birthday present from myself to myself.. finally got a black leather shoulder bag without knowing anything about the brand. That was the day i put Alexander Wang on my watchlist.

A true master of garments – his cuts, structures, textures, shapes… so beautifully crafted. Talented, intelligent and most certainly inspirational to many. Here are some fave pieces from his Resort 2013 Collection.

A Hidden Treasure in Bozburun: Karia Bel’

With special thanks first to dearest Beliz Uke, the impeccable host of this paradise.. to the Karia Bel’ family.. to my amazing friend Begum to make this happen.. and of course, to my golden girls for turning this short getaway into an unforgettable memory.

Imagine waking up on a terrace that looks over the Mediterranean and the Aegean Seas after you fell asleep watching the starts the night before… That is the kind of holidays you would have at Karia Bel’.

Situated in Bozburun, 50 kilometers from Marmaris, Karia Bel’ is right opposite the Symi island, situated directly on the seashore. The name “Bozburun” signifies the point where the land reaches the sea. “Boz” means “grey” (referring to the grey mountains), and “nose” means “burun”.

The boutique hotel, which used to be a family summer house, offers 14 uniquely decorated guestrooms. Each room has a different atmosphere with its theme and colors. The color palettes, textiles, antique pieces of family furniture and numerous small touches in the rooms do take your stay to another level. Before i forget to mention – there is a constant scent of lemon and almond trees, jasmine and thyme all around.

There are two kind of summer holidays. In one, you experiment different beaches every day, arrange dinners in different locations during your stay.. there is sun, there is music, drinks, friends… In the latter, you check into a small paradise. All you hear are the birds. All you see at night are the stars. It literally takes you to a different world during your stay. It’s so relaxing and calm.. that even 2-3 days feel like a week. You go home refreshed. It is simply a self-treat.

If you’re looking for the second kind, all you need is a few days at Karia Bel’. In a few words, it’s a getaway to your home in Bozburun. The rooms will comfort you. The food will amaze you. You will wake up in the morning, have some white cheese with herbs and fresh tomatoes accompanied by an olive fest. Not to mention – i had 20 olives per day on average!

In the afternoon, you can have a glass of chilled rose, accompanied by fresh almonds from the trees. The dinner! Oh the dinner! At night, you will sit at one of the tables put on the private deck. You will only see the stars – and if any light needed, the little lamp on your table will be by your side. You will have a 5-star dinner starting with a different summer soup every day, then Mediterranean mezes (small dishes) followed by fish or meat. Before going back to your terrace, do not forget to taste the dessert of the day!

Private boat rentals also available if you’d like to take a daytour to Symi, or swim in the crystal clear waters of the breathtaking bays around. (Dipcik Bay was my fave.)

Very rarely vacations feel so much home, and very rarely they are genuinly relaxing. Pack some bathing suits, a summer hat, an ipod and somebody to share this experience with – and you’re good to go! When was the last time you did something for yourself? Time is now.

For more info on Karia Bel’, please visit:  

Stéphane Rolland

Here’s a new designer I came accross while checking the Fall 2012 shows. With no doubt, Stéphane Rolland seems to be an impeccable couturier – he was trained in the Balenciaga and Jean-Louis Scherrer schools. In 2006/2007, he was awarded the Molière Award of best costume design for Amadeus.

Here are a few of my faves from his Fall show.

PS – that black jumpsuit is one of the most impressing pieces of clothing i’ve seen for some time.

Palazzo Margherita: An Idyllic Getaway

Built in 1892 by the Margherita Family in Bernalda, Palazzo Margherita is a genuine 19th century palazzo. The town was the birthplace and home to Agostino Coppola, Francis Ford Coppola’s grandfather, who always referred to it affectionately as Bernalda bella. Francis purchased the Palazzo in 2004 to transform it into a luxurious boutique hotel – and to present this undiscovered small town in the Basilicata region of Southern Italy to visitors from around the world.

There are only are nine bedrooms – seven large suites and two garden rooms. Each is like an individual work of art with different design themes and colour schemes. In the evenings, the Palazzo’s salon becomes a private screening theatre where guests can enjoy one of Francis’s personally-curated collection of 300 classic Italian films and documentaries.

For those looking for a weekend getaway involving some fine Italian wine&dine experience, tea times in the magic gardens, evenings of films.. and romance, this is for you.

Lights, camera, action.